What is a doula? A person trained to provide advice, information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth. Birth is such a momentous occionsion for families and having a doula can increase the likelyhood of a positive birth experience, labor is 25 percent shorter, the need for epidural pain relief is 60 percent less and the Caesarean section rate is reduced by half.

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Starting immediatly, we set up a scedule for our meetings and you have unlimited support as you navigate your pregnancy. 

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Choose a bundle that fits your needs. We are all different and if you don't see one that fits, create your own.

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Think about how we can work together and how wonderful it will be to add someone full of knowledge and support to your birth team

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Set up a FREE consulation with me to talk about all the things related to your birth. 

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Everything you could ever need from a doula and birth educator. We become BBFs (Birth Best Friends)  during the remainder of your pregnancy and for some time after.  This includes 2 prenatal appointments, on-call birth support, and 1 postpartum visit.  This package also includes a prepared feeding course and prepared for birth course.

bundle one


You don't need all the things, but you still want a lot of knowledge and support. We still get to be birth best friends (BBFs) but you don't need birth education or prepared feeding course.  This includes 1 prenatal visit, 1 postpartum visit and on-call birth support.

bundle two


Keep it simple. You know you want support and not any of the extras. This is perfect for the second (or fifth) time families. We have one prenatal visit to get to know each other and then I'll be on-call for the birth. 

bundle three


Birth Support only. I'll be on-call for your birth and will support you and your partner through labor and immediately after. 

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