Every birth is different, every baby is different, and we will work together to figure out what works for you and how I can best serve you as your doula.



Just knowing someone is there with you without fail during one of the most rewarding experiences is crucial. Plus, I'm there to comfort you AND your birth partner.



We will get to know one another very well. We will be BBFs for life. (Birth Best Friends) You, your partner and I will form a support team for the birth.



I've been where you are and appreciate all the choices you have to make. I can help guide you with all the birth knowledge I have. 

Personal experience


Coffee is my love language. Camping is my reset. Birth work is where my heart is happiest. It was my experience with my own births that I found the calling to help other birthing families. I've had a medicated vaginal delivery in the hospital, non-medicated natural hospital delivery and a home birth. There is a no wrong answer to how to meet your baby, but I believe in physiological birth has a lot of benefits. Your birth will be different than the next persons, and very specific to you. I'm here to provide non-judgmental support both physically and emotionally. 

Coffee, Birth and camping?